Just Say “No!” To “No. Just No.”!

Imagine my surprise this weekend when I cracked open one of my favorite newspapers, The Kansas City Star, to find an apology from the publisher for something that was printed in the opinion section over the weekend. “Damn it,” I thought. “What was so horrible that the publisher had to descend off the tops of lofty Mt. Pious and apologize for?!”

One could imagine just about anything what with all the things going on in the world. Namely shootings. Yeah, just mainly shootings. It being astride the Kansas/Missouri divide of Kansas City it is a pretty pretty evergreen topic. The KC Star prints all sorts of opinions on a cornucopia of matters, all in the name of fourth estate journalistic fairness…so it could be anything!

Then imagine my surprise once more when I discover it’s just another opinion piece from one of the papers “Midwest Voices” in the form of one of their patented dopey middle-aged white woman what got a bee in her bonnet over something.

There’s nothing to enjoy about these “Midwest Voices”: opinion pieces that are meant to collect the voice of the “real” people of the respective region. If you were ever curious about the poorly formed uninformed opinion of your average white person in the Midwest, you’d find much to love here. This particular writer, Laura Herrick is just another in a long line of middle-aged women “Midwest Voices” writers that is just “telling it like it is”. Much of the time it’s nothing harmful, if anything it’s mildly that passive aggressive racism and bigotry that many have come to know and love when visiting the Midwest.

To wit, Mrs. Herrick wrote about something I was thinking about writing but found no real way in. Where does personal responsibility come in to play with “he said/she said” alcohol fueled rape? Does the woman have some responsibility in taking care not to go to a frat rager, get fucked up, black out and then wake up behind a dumpster the next morning with her dress pulled up over her head?

What’s more irritating is that Mrs. Herrick is in agreement with all this “toxic masculinity” and “men are in constant Rape Mode™” nonsense especially with all her preambles and caveats about rape being bad that riddle her poorly written opinion on a lady’s personal responsibility. Had any of these “OUTRAGED!” SJWs taken any time to actually read the piece and form their own opinion, they would’ve seen that. Wait, we’re talking about SJWs of course “OUTRAGED” would’ve happened regardless. It has been a slow few months for them lately.

More frustrating is The KC Star pulled the piece from their website, so you cannot readily access it to see what all the fuss is about. What journalistic cowardice, and as if that stopped the article from getting out further. The Internets are forever!

I’ve written about the SJW game of telephone around this time last year. SJWs in blog form and on social media supposedly raised all kinds of hell over this. Yet, a cursory search provides no real evidence to this, aside from that yes; some social media got its panties in an uproar over it.

Which is kind of what it does, right? Where I’m often of the mind that this whole “the entirety of social media” more often than not means “a few very vocal assholes on The Internets who are more than likely teenagers with nothing better to do”. Yet again, social media is scant with the sheer amounts of “OUTRAGED” implied by various articles. I guess the 700 or so comments section in the Jezebel article count as “national” outrage?

All but one of the articles I researched for this article actually referenced Mrs. Herrick’s article, with most of them choosing to run with Jezebel’s piece that cherry picked the most damning parts of the benign article to make it the click-baitiest click-bait it could be. Therefore, we have a bunch of SJWs getting all riled up over nothing, acting as if Mrs. Herrick is a rape apologist and victim blamer, which she clearly is not.

Luckily for Mrs. Herrick the Star is establishing “measures“ to make sure something like a plea for common sense in the form of an opinion article is ever published again.

Like several noted on “social media”, I do wonder if the editors of the paper actually read what is published in their Opinion section. For the most part, “Midwestern Voices blogs are a ghost town for independent thought to die in. Several of the articles appear there first, uncommented on, until they are published in the paper proper.

Laura Herrick may be many things, but she isn’t a rape apologist or victim blamer. Sure, her opinion is bit outdated, and more for the closed-door mother “telling it like it is” brutal lesson imparting session and not a major metropolitan paper. Nevertheless, that doesn’t discount that in all this purported hullabaloo that women take care of themselves. Especially if the rumors of “toxic masculinity” and the threat “perpetual rape from men” are true.

There is no discussion to be had about this topic because of the SJW battle cry of “No. Just No.” when it comes to topics like personal responsibility and drunken regret sex. Hell, of any topic where the lines are blurred and there isn’t a clear solitary victim. “Rape is rape.” is all fine and good when trying to avoid the topic Mrs. Merrick was ham-handedly addressing in her opinion piece, but that doesn’t disregard her point.

Regretful sex and poor judgment shouldn’t absolve someone from the criticism of their poor decision-making. However, we also don’t need articles like Mrs. Merrick telling ladies that they should take responsibly for themselves; it should be implicit for anyone.

Just Say “No!” To “No. Just No.”!

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