You Don’t Have To Choose A Side In The Culture Wars

I’ve had pieces lined up about my thoughts on things like the Ghostbusters trailer nonsense, the release of the new DOOM, but decided against them, as they seemed to be outdated by the time I coalesced my thoughts around them. More importantly, I found there to be some evergreen elements of both pieces that I could expound on here.

With the culture wars currently taking place on The Internets, there’s this wrongheaded notion that you have to pick a side in them. Both side express frustration at the countless people in the middle that just can’t seem to give a shit about the great “wrongs” that are happening…if only they would care!

It’s easy to care about the goings on of the culture wars when you’re getting paid to do so. It was the greatest takeaway I had from my time at Reaxxion. You could care quite a bit about what an element was perceived to be doing, but it did no one any good if no one was really buying it. Moreover, while I never really aimed at perpetuating the culture wars, I tried in earnest to do what I’ve always done: expose those who prey on others with fear and prejudice, using ignorance to their advantage by not making a full, truthful account to push an agenda.


I have no problems accepting the flaws in my given ideology. I am not locked in to one way of thinking, and am grateful to hear other arguments and viewpoints. There are some I find loathsome, and just by being exposed to them I know more about their ideology than most of its practitioners, but I’ll humor most.

The problem I’ve had with social justice, and those of the left-wing as of late has been the perpetual need to choose a side in a given culture battle. On top of this, this notion has to be correct or ALL of social justice and liberalism will fall to major setbacks. Women will be forced back in to the kitchen, and the men will have to do manly things like chop wood and build furniture…or some shit.

More disturbing is those of social justice who are more prone to roll up the windows of their intellectual curiosity for fear of being like their enemies. I’ve discussed this before, in great detail, but I never fail to be disappointed by this.

Blast away those bad comments with science fueled FEMPOWER!

In the Ghostbusters trailer debacle, several SJWs found themselves in a pickle: they had to defend the obviously shitty trailer, by making up nonsense like the “toxic internet community” full of misogynists were hating on the movie because “Feminism” or be labeled as “MRA-supporters” and women-haters themselves! Oh dear!

I watched several SJW-tinged writes take a knee on this decision. Demanding that they not be bothered by this nonsense…they didn’t have to chime in on EVERY single battle in the culture wars. Really? When it’s expedient for your SJW bonafides, you have a hot take on EVERYTHING, yet here, you can’t be bothered?

This hypocrisy has been constantly crippling to social justice. However, it’s human hypocrisy that makes this whole thing humorous. You don’t have to like the new Ghostbusters trailer; it is indeed a piece of shit. It looks to be another in a long line of tepid Melissa McCarthy paint-by-numbers-remake vehicle. The only reason this movie is getting any real attention is that it’s “Ghostbusters but with ladies!”

You’re not suddenly going to be labeled a misogynist because you agree with the vast majority of people that this looks like a dumpster fire.

Look at all these women hating down-voting having misogynist men!

I mean what’s a more reasonable notion, that nearly a million women hating men cared enough to “down vote” a shitty trailer because they just HATE the idea of an “ALL woman Ghostbusters” movie so much. On the other hand, that perhaps, a million people can see through this pile of shit that calls itself a movie trailer to the cynical cash grab social justice pandering nonsense that it is. I say it’s pandering to social justice because apparently it’s the new culture zeitgeist cash cow to milk for all it’s worth.

This new Ghostbusters movie will do just fine at the box office, which is why I find it odd that a culture war sprung up around it in the first place. It will make its $250 million at the box office and everyone will move on. Thus the cycle of the culture wars continue, with people on the outside looking in and wondering just what all that fuss was about?

No one is making anyone choose sides in the culture wars. SJWs have the over-inflated sense that they must be ideologically consistent for some reason. It’s humanly impossible, thus why they perpetually look so goddamned silly in the face of something as absurd as “defending the honor” of a trailer for a shitty movie.
It is shameful that SJWs, and those of the left leaning proclivity that they “other” people of differing ideologies. In addition, as we all know “the other” is a nothing but a horrible thing to be. “I can’t hate this thing, because then people might think that I’m one of ‘the other’” seems to be the thinking. That derision is what sickens me the most.

It’s because of those wedges that people can perpetuate the culture wars for both profit and the senseless continuation therein, eschewing deeper discussions on the things that truly matter. Guess what, it’s not fucking movie trailers for shitty movies.

You Don’t Have To Choose A Side In The Culture Wars

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