Welcome to the Next Generation of…uh…wait a minute…Power?!…maybe?

So we have the PlayStation 4K or PlayStation 4.5, maybe a new Xbox 1.5 we’re told. It’s all fierce conjecture for sure, especially considering that the operative word being bandied about is “exploratory”. But hey, let’s just run with the wild speculation anyways! What other pressing matters are the pundits supposed to talk about?

This current generation started out a weird one, with consoles daring to touch the face of the gods by demanding to be connected to The Internets 24/7, not playing used games maybe, and a whole slew of other things. It continued with indie developers like Jonathan Blow having the brass iron ball sack to charge $40 for an overproduced touch-pad puzzle game. No Man’s Sky is daring to ask a full priced $60 for a game that even they have issues describing to the unwashed mashes…and now we have the notion of midlife console upgrades being waved about.

Moreover, why not? The games industry used to be all about experimental shenanigans. Odd peripherals to clog up the area around your console and TV to be tripped over in the night if left unattended. Later to be repurposed as some sort of imaginary weaponry when it inevitably broke and was only useful for playing soldier or what-have-you when you played outside.

Video game pundits are having none of this! They are continuing this absurd idea that in the recent past the games industry has been awful about the myriad of things they’ve tried to bring to market and they have all failed. What? Have they forgotten that, yes while entertainment, the games industry is predominantly business focused. They will try anything and everything to wring that almighty dollar from gamers. You can throw a rock in the past decade of video games and hit five or six trends that have come and gone. Some are still with us!

Of course, the wide misses are embarrassing. We don’t need to be reminded of that absurd push for 3D gaming five years ago. The Nintendo 3DS being ostensibly the only successful gaming device to use 3D. Sony produces things like televisions, it would be farcical to think they wouldn’t take a stab at something like 3D, touch screen, and the new “all the rage” the ever loving over hyped “thing of the future” virtual realty.

What’s more puzzling the asymmetrical reaction (read RAGE) from both video game pundits and gamers alike. The notion of the Xbox 1.5 wasn’t viewed nearly with the askance eye as the PlayStation 4.5. The perception being that Microsoft had to do something to catch up to the PlayStation 4, like this is some sort of contest that needs to be won or lost via the console manufactures.

If what is “known” about the PlayStation 4.5 is true, then that extra horsepower is predominantly for the VR element and 4K output built in to the unit itself, nothing more. Those who don’t wish to upgrade will possibly be offered some bulky unsexy looking box to attach to their current PS4 and enjoy VR that way. Again, who knows, “exploratory” could mean anything…and absolutely nothing.

What’s more aggravating to me is watching the games press throw all kinds of shade to the idea of console upgrades, yet have no qualms wrapping their shit eating mouths around the veiny cock that is the VR clusterfuck machine. These things aren’t remotely related, mind you, I just find it an odd dichotomy of reaction versus general dearth of information.

As stated earlier, I don’t have a big issue with the notion of a console upgrade. As someone who bought a PS4 a year in, you’d think I would be. Perhaps I’m withholding my rage until E3 when Sony will actual get around to telling people just what all this PS4.5 business is about. The games press will look like buffoons, yet again, and we’ll all move on like the past few weeks of pundits screaming, “It’s on FIRE! Fuck Sony! What a bunch of assholes!” never happened.

The games press, yet again, proves that they are bereft of any decent ideas even trying to wrap their soft empty heads around the concept of a mid-generation console upgrade. I keep hearing the usage of “make good” like it actually means something. As if these console makers owe people something for buying in early. These “make good”’s wouldn’t come across as so absurd if they actually were based in reality.

Can you imagine Sony offering to “upgrade” your PS4 by charging you an “upgrade fee” and having you mail it to them? What a fucking logistical nightmare that would be, yet that was one offering from the games press. I mean, I guess that’s why they’re overpaid to react wildly to moving pictures and flashing lights instead of fomenting actual workable solutions, but still. Sony also isn’t Microsoft, who can just will all the money into existence to solve their console and business shortcomings.

The idea of the 4K output still seems farfetched as well. Maybe for streaming, as that would make sense coming from Sony. Nevertheless, 4K gaming seems like it’s a bit further down the road. Not that I wouldn’t mind seeing what that might look like, but for people like me, who won’t have a 4K TV any time soon it’s not going to be a factor one way or the other.

Welcome to the Next Generation of…uh…wait a minute…Power?!…maybe?

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