Playing the “Name Game” With Progressives and Liberals (Part 2)

Letter from the Chaditor: If you haven’t already check out Part One of this article!

SJWs and the concept of DEAL WITH IT


In all my dealing with SJWs a noticeable through line with its writers is a notion that it’s your fault if something they wrote made you “feel bad”.  Alternatively, because of your ignorance you can’t handle what they’re “saying”. It’s a concept of “Sorry not Sorry” and SJWs are pretty good at this when they’re high up in the social justice ivory towers.

However, it’s in the push-back they receive where these special snowflakes start to evaporate. This is odd that considering in no other sphere do you have the tendency to revel in being an asshole like the SJW sphere. Look, they’re just “telling it like it is”, why you got to get so butt hurt about it?

SJWs are always quick with the knee jerk reaction when the content is soundly rejected. They’re quick with the “it’s not me, it’s you” and if possible disable comments and actively block people who are not willing to cooperate with their batshit frothing offerings.

Even more insane is those who are critical are said to be driving the SJW out of their respective field! The SJW cries, “The critics are actively against progressive ideals! Look they’re hating on my articles and videos!”

Never once does the SJW look at their output to see that maybe their shitty tone is “problematic”. Those critics are rejecting the hubris and arrogance of the author related along with their content, not their “firmly held ideals”.

This disrespect of audience and by extension, people, is one of the main reasons I reject SJWs admission as a “progressive” movement.

This is to say nothing of the SJWs constant need of outrage culture to propel what little “message” they have on offer. Often in the face of real issues affecting women and minorities. Nah, let us just focus on tertiary make-believe bullshit like a comedian misgendering someone, or how some piece of pop culture is doing irreparable harm to a tiny group of people.

The term slacktivism comes to mind when I look at the limited SJW ideological landscape. It seems that SJWs do the bulk of their work online. Because of their tribal nature, they don’t tend to have many actual friends, or a REAL community for that matter. So they become the busybodies of The Internets and spend vast amounts of their time “policing” people.

But to actual go outside and partake in REAL activism…play the game as it’s meant to be played to affect REAL change? The SJWs refuse to do so…which at least is in line with the bulk of liberal activism.

SJWs are of the mistaken idea that they’re intellectuals


How often do intelligent people boast of their intelligence? One tends to believe someone is overcompensating if they feel the need to constantly boast about how smart they are. SJWs are no different.

In the age of The Internets you would think that people would be able to possess greater intelligence…sadly it appears we’ve only gotten dumber, and with SJWs the notion of debate and healthy discourse is out the window because they can only be bothered with winning an argument, not flexing and testing their flawed ideology in the hopes of becoming stronger.

SJWs apparently believe that if they actually lose an argument or concede a point then the entirety of social justice is doomed and flawed. Which isn’t even the case…you win some and you lose some. Often you’re going to be bested by someone who better believes in their argument more, and can hide the flaws therein and present a sound case. This is where the relative youth, physiologically (and oftentimes) mentally, does SJWs in.  This is why SJWs have an utter allergy to anything outside their purview. And mostly they’re shit debaters.

If SJWs somehow find permanence in the political ideologies on their own then perhaps an upgrade to “progressives” should be in order. But I highly doubt that’s ever going to happen. Not only because I don’t think SJWs have the heart to carry their message that long, but also they don’t have the ability to widen their cause to the mainstream.

To the mainstream observer all they see if a group of people attempting to censor things they don’t like under the guise of oppression and feelings. The right-wing is already hyper averse to any political correctness, and SJWs embody that to the hilt!

The way SJWs have weaponized shame to their advantage is going to be very off-putting to people who may truly be ignorant and just need to learn. These very people could be useful allies, but SJWs are too busy finding anyone with questions about transgender, gay and minority people guilty of bigotry, misogyny and racism to offer help or marketable solutions.

Oftentimes, there is actually very little out there resources to regular people…even with the advancements of The Internets. SJWs could answer the questions that they find viscerally insulting and dumb, but they choose not to, in the vain attempt to maintain their marginalized status.

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Playing the “Name Game” With Progressives and Liberals (Part 2)

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