Playing the “Name Game” With Progressives and Liberals (Part 1)

Letter from the Chaditor: This was meant to be one article, but as I was writing, it ballooned to a giant article that I know for a fact you wouldn’t bother reading. I have now broke it up in to two easy to digest pieces. Enjoy!

Recently Youtuber Sargon of Akkad and Dave Rubin livesteamed a discussion about the modern left. Contrary to popular opinion, Mr. Rubin suggested that progressives differ from liberals in a few key areas. According to him while they “agree on 90%” of most things, there is now a noticeable difference and they should be labeled as such.

Problem is, we’ve already have a name for these types of liberals: social justice warriors…SJWs for short.


Mr. Rubin should know better than anyone that progressives and liberals are all the same to the right-wing, GOP, republicans…and the vast majority of people who don’t give a shit one way or the other. The GOP is the same party whose pundits proclaim all the time they are anything but republican. Be it center-right, conservative, “true” conservative, TEA Party Patriot and so on.

SJWs are fairly analogous to the TEA Party. Both are ideological tribes of people that just so happen to find themselves under the umbrella of an ideologically tinged party.  Yet, they choose to eschew the community within that ideology and do little for it aside from elevate themselves and their fractured worldview of things.

They both promote and exalt very bad figures from their tribe that do little to engender their cause to more mainstream support. As a whole both do not completely embody the ideals of their ideologies being as they are so fractured and tribal as to truly be able to have culpable deniability if and when a representative figure or idea implode on them.

The idea that SJWs “mostly agree with liberals” is pretty fallacious. SJWs are liberals mostly because they’re just beginning their political idealism. They’re young, college educated, which is the life force that feeds liberal ideology.

Modern Liberalism also has a weird tendency to claim to be the underdog, and has a constant marginalization streak going for it that attracts SJWs and their perpetual victim narrative.

However, SJWs take the cake in terms of blatantly ignoring the tenants of the liberal ideology and instead transforming their narcissism, hubris, arrogance and general political idiocy in to something that isn’t even remotely liberal. To say its “progressive” is an insult to both parties.

SJWs are intellectually incurious people

If SJWs were remotely liberal; they wouldn’t be nearly as allergic to differing opinions and thought. In all of my time researching and dealing with SJWs, I couldn’t believe the amount of inclusion based behavior on display. Echo chamber doesn’t even do the idea justice.


SJWs aren’t herd creatures, as you would think most ideologies go. Instead, they are small packs…the aforementioned tribes. On top of this, even being SJWs does not mean that an ideological thread holds true across all SJWs. Vary degrees of tolerance and what is allowable is different from SJW to SJW. It’s why it appears there is a constant shifting of the goalposts when arguing with an SJW, there are no real ideologically fast rules.

SJWs are ideologically lazy…to a fault

On top of refusing to engage in “the other” viewpoints and opinions, SJWs tend to stay well within the safety of their own hubris and arrogance. The term “special snowflake” is very apt for the SJW, as they tend to be very fragile with their ideology and can’t really hold their own in a debate or withstand marginal ideological resistance from the opposition viewpoint.

You’ll see them on twitter blocking people, regular people responding to SJW grandstanding-as-shitposting, not trolls. Disagreeing with SJWs is now somehow akin to harassment. Sometimes causing them to develop PTSD over merely refuting their nonsense and stating factual evidence to the contrary of their twisted arguments.

Oddly enough, you can see the allergy to truth manifest through their gender as well. With the male SJW tending to view himself much too intellectually superior to deal with the stupid people disagreeing with him. These are the more volatile of the two SJW camps, and when they lose, they lose big.

With the female SJW, it’s the same old song and dance repeatedly: The “other side” is misogynistic, sexist, bigoted…you know the drill. It’s doubly effective, as it allows her to never engage with any viewpoint not her own, and it gives her that sweet victim narrative to wave around if she does happen to engage and winds up looking foolish.

SJWs are flawless practitioners of the “Us vs. Them”

Anything outside of the SJW purview is just wrong, plain and simple. This is where being stunted ideologically and politically serves them well. Present a concept they can’t comprehend? Presto, it’s wrong or harmful on some level.

It’s where the idea of something might lead to something bad has found new resonance. When a SJW attempt to shame someone when they espouse an opinion that might make someone, probably a minority figure, harm themselves over it.

An example would be from my Reaxxion article about Chico being Quiet in MGSV. To have someone say that Hideo Kojima has a trans persons life in his hands and best step with caution IF Chico is Trans is disgusting. To then publish that in an article is ludicrous. It’s a brazenness that would not even be tolerated from SJWs had a cis gendered man said it, even JOKINGLY.

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Playing the “Name Game” With Progressives and Liberals (Part 1)

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