Rise of the Outrage at gamescom 2015

You had to have known that there was no way gamers were getting out of gamescom without some SJW pearl grasping fainting spells and firing up the ol’ Outrage Machine™ over nothing. This time SJWs favored power animal, Lara Croft and her upcoming game, is the focus…or perhaps continued focus of all this needless outrage.

Typically, the only way I really know what’s the haps with SJWs is hate listening to my favorite SJW cesspit the Isometric podcast. By now we all know the typical SJWs in this show, and as such, I will not waste my time with names, and will just pour out their nonsense.

Rise of the Tomb Raider was given a hefty gameplay demo by Microsoft during gamescom last week. If you played 2013’s Tomb Raider, you know what you’re getting in to with the sequel, and as such, there really should not have been anything worth noting out of the SJWs.

But of course there was. Again, they get in the Way Back Machine™ to scrape up some good old-fashioned outrage…from the games E3 2014 trailer…for some odd reason comparing and contrasting it to last week’s gamescom gameplay demo.

It’s always amusing to watch SJWs twist themselves in to knots over their rigid ideology. One of Isometric’s hosts deeply loves Tomb Raider, and identifies strongly with Lara Croft. They excuse Tomb Raider 2013’s extreme violence because Lara’s life is in danger (and something about people being in a cult or whatever). Yet somehow they find Rise of the Tomb Raider’s violence “problematic”.

This is juxtaposed with this notion of “dudebro” games having wanton violence. There aren’t “bad guys” per se or actual gameplay in first person shooters…just pure uncut violence against everything. That is why they are always “problematic”. It’s true because Isometric purports to be a “gaming” pod cast…they totally know what they are talking about.

Even more insane is that one of the hosts contacted the head writer of Rise of the Tomb Raider, Rhianna Pratchett, to level their concerns over the violence in the game.

What’s great is that this kicks in the SJWs long held fallacy that putting a woman in charge of something will only make it better. This proves only one thing: regardless of gender, when you work on something that costs millions of dollars, you do as told.

On top of this, a “good narrative justification” for violence? What? Because it’s a fucking video game is justification enough! Is Lara Croft just supposed to hug out all the problems in the game? Whisper lullabies in to enemies earfaces until they fall asleep?

Ms. Pratchett does fall in to that trap of making SJWs think they’re in on a conversation over the development of a game that’s gameplay was locked down long ago. I’m surprised she didn’t respond, “Do I have to explain the concept of game trailers, you fucking imbecile!” When asked to “justify” all the violence in Rise of the Tomb Raider.

It would be on par with a dipshit tweeting the director of the next Fast & Furious movie “So I saw a scene where people are sitting in their cars and talking to one another…is that the ENTIRE movie? Cuz if so, I’m out! That Shitz week! HAHN NEVER FORGET RIP (SPOILERZzZzZZzz)!”

Pictured: "narrative justified" violence
Pictured: “narrative justified” violence

What is odd is that the Isometric hosts don’t really get in to the meat of what was wrong with Tomb Raider 2013. Namely a first scene at the beginning of the game in which Lara struggles emotionally over killing a deer, but then proceeds to kill dozens of people, often brutally, in the rest of the game.

Perhaps I was just deaf and couldn’t hear Lara’s muffled “I’m so sorry”’s over the screams of her bludgeoned-to-death foes?

Granted there is some prattle over that other favored SJW “gamer” buzzword ludonarrative dissonance, but that is quickly squashed in favor of more pearl clutching and outrage.

What’s odd is the juxtaposing of the SJW approved E3 2014 trailer with the ultra-violent “duderos” only gamescom footage. Isometric’s hosts desire Rise of the Tomb Raider to have more elements like the therapy scene in the 2014 trailer. However, not discussed is Lara shooting an armed man in the head with an arrow, presumably on the way to raid a tomb? Who is the “bad guy” in that scene? The hosts would lead you to believe the obvious cis-gendered armed male, who was probably thinking only about rape like all the time, which is why he had to go.

Later on in the discussion, the notion is raised that since Microsoft is publishing the game that Rise of the Tomb Raider is being aimed at the “dudebro” audience and watering down all that great feminism that was established in the first game. Never you mind that Tomb Raider 2013 was viscerally heavy handed with it’s violence, even up to the very end of the game where Lara get’s to dual wield her iconic Desert Eagle handguns to finish the big bad boss (and presumably save her “implied” lesbian lover Sam).

According to SquareEnix, Tomb Raider 2013 didn’t meet their lofty sales expectations, selling a measly 4 million copies, probably because it had TOO much of the mushy girl stuff in it.

Again, watching SJW “gamers” trying to justify their ideology with games is beautiful. The guilt and shame of having the temerity to just like a game that’s “problematic” is often a heavy burden to bear, and they can‘t just outright admit how wrongheaded their ideology fits when it comes to video games.

It’s the problem of the self-righteous rigidity of adhering to an ideology like social justice. Kotaku’s Patrick Klepek encapsulates this perfectly with Gawker’s recent spate of events being Satan’s barbed cock to several people. Telling those who asked him why he failed to leave Gawker in light of what it has done to the personal lives of many people, to be reasonable and understand that he doesn’t ACTUALLY work for Gawker, and that he has to live and provide for his family. But hey at least he found it “distressing” and lost sleep over it for one night.

It’s odd that he would ask for understanding when he had no problem lambasting #GamerGate as a hate movement and it’s supporters as women hating harassers and harboring nothing but contempt for gamers who asked for levity and reason. But social justice and taking a stand against malfeasance can be tossed aside when you need to eat? Hypocrisy doesn’t even begin to describe this bullshit.

So it’s even more absurd that SJW “gamers” would have the hubris and arrogance to believe that somehow Rise of the Tomb Raider isn’t going to be this safe space hug box simulator that they desperately want it to be. What were they expecting? Because a woman wrote the story that somehow that would dictate gameplay and that what gamers REALLY want out of Tomb Raider game is veiled lesbian overtones and deep discussion laden therapy sessions in a TellTale Games-esque adventure game?

And they expect this game to be bought by whom exactly?

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Rise of the Outrage at gamescom 2015

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