What I Didn’t Learn From All These “What I Learned From” Articles

There are a lot of articles in the manosphere about being a man. Now that more men are increasingly underemployed or unemployed there are a lot more articles about men “learning” and then writing asinine articles about it so they can trick other men in to thinking this is some sort of genius level life hack.

The reality is these men are pathetic and need to be left behind so that the woman can devour their weakness. We must cull these pretenders to vitality and vigor who have shed their coils of manhood and greatness to be stay-at-home-dads! We are only as strong as our weakest “balls in a purse” dad!

Problem is, these “men” have tricked other men in to letting them publish their lies and attempt to trick us in to joining their cult of matrimony and child rearing dreariness. Even Return of Kings, a site supposedly dedicated to masculine men and awesomeness, has allowed one of these “What I Learned From” articles on to its lands and at one time featured it at the top of the page!

Far more dire is another man who “What I Learned From” recently in the Washington Post and I will take him to task as a warning and to remind those of us who to mightily resist the Cult of the Shackled Man.

Chad Prevost, who has betrayed all Chadkind with his “cool dad” heresy, recently wrote a teen girl diary entry an article “What becoming a stay-at-home dad taught me about gender roles” about what he learned from being a stay-at-home-dad striking out to be a full time writer.

One morning Chad (who has a blog entitled “Hanging Chad”…of all things) selfishly decides that he

[…] wanted to write, not spend my good years teaching reluctant freshman where to put a comma in a compound sentence.”

Never mind that he had three young kids to take care of, dammit, this man was having a man in his mi- thirties-life crisis!

But what Chad has is a Machiavellian trap door that many of his fellow “What I Learned From” dudes don’t: a rich wife. Her working at something called a “venture capital incubator”, allowed Chad to make up his mind, spread his wings and become a “struggling” novelist.

Chad soon finds himself all alone as he heroically upsets the norms of gender roles. A man being the primary caretaker of his children…how shocking! Spending most of his days dodging pitchforks and torches, Chad finds that he has so little time to be a full time writer…or father.

Wait…none of that happens. Nothing really happens. Chad just inflates all this chicanery as something vaguely harmful to his ego.

Instead we get a mild sprinkling of malformed social justice baloney.

Most men simply don’t know how to talk with other men if they can’t communicate on the professional level, I found. They were trying to be encouraging, but I think I made them uncomfortable.


“Many organizations don’t believe the genders should have equal access inside the family — and therefore in the workplace.” On top of “What my wife and I have finally come to understand about each other as well: We both work hard. We might take our modicums of leisure time in different ways, but we seem to have found an equitable balance that works. We both cheer for each other. We are partners”.

The “most men simply don’t know how to talk with other men if they can’t communicate on the professional level” reminded me of “that guy” in your group of buddies that fancies himself “the pioneer”. The guy that prattles on and on about that new sushi fusion place in town he tried first. How’s he all in to CrossFit™ now and after a semester abroad in college stopped dating white girls because they “bored him”.

You can never relate to “that guy” because he’s an ephemeral asshole who’s only good for the occasional ride home after the bar (because he’s perpetually clean living), and he picks up the tab more often than not. He’s the guy who’s best friends with his wife, who then spends what little time he has left in a day shitting out “What I Learned From” articles and then jerking off at the computer alone because his wife stopped fucking him after child number three was a “mistake”.

Thing is these “What I Learned From” stories used to be predominantly fixtures of chick magazines. They’re cunt parables. An asshole woman learns empathy by doing something she wouldn’t normally do. The last sentence of these parables is something along the lines of “I learned that sometimes, clowns need hugs too.” or some other benign bullshit that women like to read and pretend like they’re not worse bitches.

And now it has infected man.

Men based “What I Learned From” articles are shitty humble-brags and not-so-thinly veiled plugs for the authors books and other writings. You’d think they would lend themselves more credibility to the man, but you would be mistaken. This too is a veil to the pathetic man that is using these articles as a shield.

You see, he is a sham. Chad even admits in his article:

“While I do wish my writing career had really taken off by now, I have come to realize several critical things. Raising a family is hard, and I would never have realized just how hard had I maintained a full-time job. It is hard less because of the physical toil of keeping up with it all (or with the Joneses), and more from keeping up with the emotional and psychological development of our kids.”

Most “What I Learned From” men are eventually going to be left by their breadwinner wives, who will realize that they can pay someone else far less money to raise their children, and they won’t have to keep saying “No honey, you are a gifted writer and great father…you can do anything you set your mind to.”

Problem for us is that this will then reinvigorate the cycle as the “What I Learned From” man will just spin that in to more obtuse manservational written work.

This is why us of the younger mankind must not be tricked in to the machinations of the old man Millennial/Gen-Xer asswipe and pretend that this is acceptable behavior. What these men “must learn” is to suffer their surrender to balllessness in silence!

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What I Didn’t Learn From All These “What I Learned From” Articles

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